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Bespoke colouring

In order for a colour service/chemical service to go ahead it is vital that the hair be in healthy condition.  Performing a colour service on the hair will most probably cause the hair more damage.  Split ends will travel up the hair and break off, inevitably making the hair shorter.  If the hair is too dry and rough to the touch, this means that the cuticles of the hair are raised and the colour will not last on the hair.  If the hair is previously compromised it is vital that the hair goes through a treatment process first to condition the hair and in order to achieve maximum results from colouring.

I incorporate the use of Olaplex in most of my colour services before, during and/or after.


Reconnects broken bonds of the hair and repairs any damage that may have occured during previous colour service, chemical service or heat to the hair.

It prevents further damage to the hair.

Softens and smooths hair leaving it less frizzy.

Strengthens and maintains the integrity of the hair.

Colour correction

Isn't a quick process and can sometimes take a number of appointments to achieve the required results.  Here is a before, after colour correction example.

Before (left), after (right).jpe

Colour correction start to finish.  The hair had alot of colour banding which had to be neutralised with an all over colour.  A  balayage technique was then used to lift the hair.  This exposed alot of warmth and was neutralised at the basin with an anti-orange toner.  

This was done in one appointment.  Ideally this clients hair needs another colour service in no less than four weeks time to continue evening out and lifting the mid-lentghs and ends.

Olaplex was used the whole way throug the process.

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